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What makes an entrepreneur?

Capital and Commitment

Sixty-three percent of Americans desire self-employment. So what’s stopping them? And, are those who work for themselves really more satisfied than those working for others? In their 1998 article, “What makes an entrepreneur?” Blanchflower and Oswald analyzed data gathered from the United States and other industrialized countries, uncovering answers to these fundamental questions about who becomes an entrepreneur.

The authors’ analysis answers timeless questions still relevant to today’s aspiring entrepreneurs.

What to expect from this entrepreneurship site

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In Why I started this entrepreneurship site I explained my motivations for launching yet another entrepreneurship site. Now, I’m excited to tell you more about the content I have planned and, specifically, what you can expect to see in the coming weeks. A multitude of useful and entertaining blogs are available today from leading founders and […]

Why I started this entrepreneurship site

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I started this entrepreneurship site for three reasons: I have had a lifelong fascination with entrepreneurship. Thoughtful writing forces a deeper level of understanding. I want to share both interesting research I discover and my experiences as a successful entrepreneur and technologist. A strategically-minded business will define a mission statement, or purpose, that provides a focus […]